What's open and closed around Yonge and Finch following horrific act of violence


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Yesterday, Toronto was rocked by the news that a man in a white rental van had killed 10 people and injured 15 in the Yonge Street and Finch Avenue area. 

UPDATE: The number of injured has dropped to 14 due to a miscount. 

As a result, services in the city may be disrupted today and some businesses may be closed. We'll be bringing you up to date information to help you get to your destination safely today.


​UPDATE: TTC will likely continue to bypass the North York Centre during rush hour tonight but expect it to be running again before the end of the day.

Trains are bypassing North York Centre station on Line 1 today. Customers using GO Transit can board anywhere in Toronto with their PRESTO card or transfer. TTC customers can also board GO Transit vehicles with their TTC transfer or Metropass.

Customers may utilize TTC fare on Go Transit from Yorkdale Bus Terminal due to closure on Line 1/YU, between Sheppard and Finch Stations. There will be no GO bus service on Yonge St, at Finch GO Terminal or at York Mills GO Terminal.

The 97 Yonge bus is diverting both ways via Sheppard, Doris, Kenneth, Bishop.

Subway service is operating to and from Finch Station. 

Finch Station parking lots are open for business today. Residents of nearby buildings who cannot get into their condo or apartment parking lots are welcome to park in the lot with no penalty. There will be no enforcement today.

School closures
TDSB Education Centre at 5050 Yonge St. will be closed today. As a result, please note that this evening's meeting of the Health and Mental Well-Being Committee has been cancelled.

Earl Haig school is open today. The school has support services available for students impacted by the incident that happened yesterday.

Road closures

UPDATE: The affected area continues to be closed but it should be running again by the end of the day (Tuesday). "I ask for people's continued understanding," said John Tory.  

Yonge Street has reopened between North York Blvd/Elmwood Ave (to the north) and Sheppard Ave (to the south).

Yonge Street remains closed north of North York Blvd/Elmwood Ave.

All lanes are now open on Beecroft.

The ride-sharing service announced yesterday it would offer discounted services to those impacted by the tragic event that occurred. 

"Free ride up to $15. Valid from Mon., April 23rd at 2 PM to Wed., April 25th at 1:30 AM. Pickup or drop-off must be within 0.2 km of a Sheppard-Yonge, Bayview, Bessarion, Leslie or Don Mills Station. See app for coverage area. Cannot be combined with other ride credit or offers. Subject to Lyft's Terms of Use."

For more details click here.

​Business closures

UPDATE: HG Jewish Theatre Company's performance of Mikveh will be performed as scheduled but it is suggested that attendees leave themselves extra time.. 

North York Civic Centre will reopen on Wednesday.

City says North York Civic Centre, Mel Lastman Square and Douglas Snow Aquatics Centre will be closed today. Staff have been asked to not report to work.

City Planning Offices will be closed at the North York Civic Centre tomorrow. Staff are advised not to come in. Those requiring a satellite location to work are advised to find touch down stations at City Hall, Metro Hall, ETCC and SCC. 

Gibson Museum will be closed today. 

Yesterday, Mayor John Tory asked all businesses and office buildings to close. There could be closures for days to come over the course of the investigation. 

A memorial has been set up across the street from the scene where the van struck pedestrians. 

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