How They Met: How Shakespeare in High Park’s Alon Nashman met his match


Spending time in nature all summer while performing Hamlet and All’s Well That Ends Well at Shakespeare in High Park will be a welcome task for actor Alon Nashman. He and his wife Elizabeth make it a point to hit the outdoors often, whether it be through gardening or canoe trips.

In fact, their sense of adventure and love of the outdoors were what brought the pair together many years ago in Israel.

“I was in the midst of a great wander, a year-long adventure after working as a journalist for CBC Montreal,” says Elizabeth.

“I was on a journey to discover my spiritual roots after three years in theatre school and a summer working at the Blyth Festival. I got a call from someone I barely knew, the little sister of one of my high school friends. She was passing through Jerusalem and had been told I might be able to show her around,” says Alon.

That little sister was Elizabeth, and after meeting for an hour in a coffee shop, the pair were already hesitant at the idea of parting ways.

“About six weeks after we met, we were hiking in the Galilee, up and down mountains, through the spring flowers. I asked Alon what he planned to do and where he would be next year, and he just went silent,” says Elizabeth.

It dawned on Alon that he just wanted to be with Elizabeth, wherever that may be.

“That night, camping on a promontory high above a rushing river sitting by our fire, I looked up at the stars, and they seemed to say, “If not now, when?” And I blurted out a proposal,” says Alon. 

Now the two are married and share a home in Dufferin Grove Park with their three children, Tiferet, Hershel and Neshama.

Alon has continued to pursue acting roles onscreen and onstage, and Elizabeth is a teacher, and both say retirement is a concept they simply don’t understand.

Catch Alon in the roles of Claudius in Hamlet and Lafeu in All’s Well That Ends Well as he performs each night in the park through to Sept. 4.


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