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Must-See Movie: Road House

Patrick Swayze kicks ass in Road House, playing tonight

December at the movies means a slew of either holiday-themed flicks or Oscar-touted flicks. But if you’re cruisin’ for a little more bruisin’ at the cinema, then you might want to check out the ’80s camp classic, Road House. The Patrick Swayze vehicle about a Zen-like bouncer (who just happens to have a philosophy degree and a knack for martial arts) plays tonight at the Yonge-Dundas Cineplex Theatres.

The feature is what all good action movies from the ’80s should be: righteously vulgar and laugh-out-loud-goofy, complete with a gratuitous morning workout scene in which it seems our hero has bathed in Vaseline — except for his feathered ’do, which remains, somehow, free of sweat.

Like its action-movie peers, the movie’s premise is pretty simple: a chillaxed uber-bouncer (Swayze) is hired to tame a dirty bar in the middle of nowhere. He subscribes to fancy-schmancy pacifism and ticks off a bunch of people. He falls in love with a leggy blonde and gets mixed up with the local ascot-wearing kingpin who ends up getting his ass kicked.

Road House is a not a good film, but it’s a good time. Remember: “pain don’t hurt.”

Road House, Yonge and Dundas Cineplex, 10 Dundas St. E. 416-977-9262. Dec. 11

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