Meet a Comedy Troupe: MANTOWN


Alcohol and testosterone are the key fuel sources for all-guy comedy troupe MANTOWN. But they have some serious comedic chops, having appeared in fests across the country and performed with the likes of Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo. We chat with MANTOWN member (and Adam Levine lookalike) Adam Cawley about being comedy hunks, alcohol poisoning and why Ryan Gosling would make a great show guest.


How did your troupe come about?
MANTOWN spent centuries entombed in the embryo of the mighty astral tyrannosaurus that safeguards the universe until the men awoke and pierced the shell of the outerverse, falling unto the Mortal Plane to improvise.

That’s...interesting. So, how would you describe your style?
It’s hard to describe. We did Improvaganza in Edmonton (the absolute best improv festival in the world), and improvisers from other troupes kept coming up to us, telling us how fast we played, and that we had a super high “joke per minute ratio.” Whatever that is.

What's your biggest achievement so far?
So far…as of now…as far as we know…no one has died at one of our shows. (Unconfirmed)

That’s an achievement we can all get behind for sure. So, what is it about improv that you like the most?
It's instant. Instant satisfaction or instant failure. You create a world onstage, shaped by the shared imagination of the people you're playing with and what the audience is willing to believe. [In our shows] we've time-travelled back from the future to host the perfect party, we've built a tower to heaven and met God, we've given Oprah a jetpack and let her solve crime. We didn't set out to do any of those things, trust me.

Do girls and guys laugh at different things?
Probably. But it doesn't seem to matter in MANTOWN. Alcohol poisoning is something for everyone.  

You’ve improvised with Kevin Sorbo. What was that like?
It was like watching your older brother come back to high school after graduation and macking on all the girls you like.

Whos your dream guest improviser?
Ryan Gosling. He’s so hot right now.

Whats next on the MANTOWN agenda?
Each show we do gets closer to becoming a crime. So, probably, we'll be running from the police. There's some pretty big projects coming up that we can't talk about right now. But you should start stockpiling your kegs of beer.

You guys are known for being one of the hunkiest comedy groups around town. Which one of you gets the most play?
Jason DeRosse. It’s uncanny.

Whos the manliest of the group?
Probably Jason DeRosse, because he can fit all his manliness into a 5' 5" frame.

The details

Established: 2006
The line up: Bob Banks, Adam Cawley, Jason DeRosse and Rob Norman (hosted by Rob Baker)
Influences: “All of our dads mashed. And probably yours.”
Catch them at: The Comedy Bar (945 Bloor St. W., 416-551-6540) on the last Friday of the month. They're also doing a special set on Friday March 2.

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