How They Met: Canadian comedy couple met while at Second City

Kevin Whalen and Paloma Nuñez found love in a stolen purse


Comedian couple Kevin Whalen and Paloma Nuñez got their start at Second City — both personally and professionally.

They became friends while completing the conservatory program, but became more after a thief snagged Nuñez’s purse from under their noses while they chatted at their favourite Annex bar.

“After a frantic search, Paloma accepted that her purse was gone, and I offered a consoling hug. During that hug, I got an overwhelming sense that I wanted to protect her forever,” says Whalen.

And that is what he has vowed to do. After a courtship that consisted of trips to the Galleria mall and catching plays like Morris Panych’s The Dishwashers, the two tied the knot in Fort Myers Beach, Fla.

“Paloma’s family has had a vacation home there for over 50 years. Sadly that home is no longer in the family,” says Whalen.

Now the two have settled into a home in Toronto’s west end where they are raising their two-year-old son, Oscar, while also juggling the unpredictable schedules that come along with show business.

“It’s a true blessing that we are in this business together. No one but another actor can understand what you go through and the kind of support you need,” says Nuñez. “I can’t imagine having a partner who works nine to five, five days a week and being cool with my sleeping in and staying out all hours, but that’s how our jobs work.

On the docket now, Whalen is teaching at the Second City training centre, as he’s just completed his tenure on the mainstage, and Nuñez  is also at the training centre as the head of improvisation.

Onscreen, Nuñez has snagged roles in television series such as Saving Hope and also had a part in the Oscar-winning film Spotlight.

Both she and Whalen appear in CBC’s new series Baroness Von Sketch Show, and Whalen also had a role in the TV series Hannibal.

Nuñez is currently filming a Canadian comedy feature film, Masters of Romance, which is set to be released in May next year. 


Sarah Ferguson & Rudy Goldenberg 

On Sunday, July 10, Sarah Ferguson, daughter of Bonnie and Kevin, will wed Rudy Goldenberg, son of Selma and Cem. The Midtown couple had their first date at Grazie and later drove down to the beach where they had their first kiss. It was also on the beach where they shared another milestone. On May 9, 2015, Rudy took Sarah down to the Beaches for some shopping and a nice dinner. Afterwards they walked to the shore where he got down on one knee with a heart-shaped seashell in his hands holding an engagement ring. The two will tie the knot at the Royal Ambassador in Caledon, Ont., and are excited to celebrate with family and friends. 

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