Life Profile: T.O.'s new furry friends

With a slew of new baby animals in the city, the zoo’s ever-popular panda cubs now have some real competition in the cute category. Here we chat with keepers from all over the city to see how these new Instagram stars are faring.


Toronto Zoo

Four African penguins hatched at the Toronto Zoo in April

When were the eggs laid?
The first two chicks were laid by Thandiwe and Matata on Jan. 5 and Jan. 8. The second pair was laid by Eldon and Chupa on Jan. 21 and Jan. 25.   

When did they hatch?
The chicks hatched on Feb. 12, 15, 27 and March 4. Incubation occurs for just over a month, then the chicks stay in the nest for another three weeks. 

What are the chicks up to?
We have three girls and one boy and are teaching them to be hand-fed fish. They’re learning to swim and should join the colony at the 80-day mark. 

© City of Toronto

High Park Zoo welcomed three baby capybaras in February

How will you decide their names?
The Friends of High Park Zoo group is running a naming contest, and people can submit names. Their parents, Bonnie and Clyde, received their names last year during their highly publicized escape from the zoo.  

What are their personalities like?
They are quite timid but usually can be enticed out with some corn, but they are sticking close to their mother for now.

Where can people see them?
They are in their pen with their parents, and you can hear them communicating with each other through clicks and whistles. 

© City of Toronto

Riverdale Farm welcomed five lambs in April

What are the lambs up to?
They are being silly lambs, jumping around and having a good time while learning about their world. Just like people, they all have their own personalities, some are laid-back and let one of the others boss them around.  

How big are they?
Newborn lambs are typically between five and 10 pounds. 

Why don’t they have names?
Riverdale Farm is modelled after a working 19th-century farm, so we don’t name the animals, but folks can come see the lambs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Two bunnies were born at Centre Island’s Far Enough Farm in March

Who are their parents?
The bunnies are both girls and were born on March 5 to their mother, Snowy, and their father, Mocha. The babies don’t have names just yet. 

When can people see them?
They are out now in the barn. There are heat lanterns to keep them warm. Around June, when the weather is warmer, the rest of our baby animals will be out. We have two sets of twin goats and two lambs.

Where are they sleeping?
The bunnies are sleeping in the pen where they live. 

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