August 23, 2014
Nov 14, 2012
01:18 PM

Toronto’s best animated GIFs


So yesterday the folks at Oxford University Press chose “GIF” as the U.S. Word of the Year, thanks in part to the word’s transition from noun to verb. GIFs were pretty much everywhere this year — kittens were GIFfed, and so was Obama. And Toronto was no stranger to the craze. Below, five of our favourite Toronto-esque GIFs.



There are few things in life that are better than watching Rob Ford dance. Thankfully, with this GIF, we can watch him dance for eternity. [Ford For Toronto


This rollerblade fail by the Toronto Raptors’ mascot made for a pretty sweet animated GIF, one that happened to be deemed the Best GIF Ever by, well, someone on the Internet. [OpenFile]


Crossing the street at Queen and University sucks. And Toronto Strife, the Tumblr page that took Toronto by storm earlier this year, captured that sentiment perfectly with a nod to Jurassic Park. [Toronto Strife]


Animated GIFs about Toronto brunch, and only Toronto brunch? Genius. And who better than Steve Buscemi to personify the soul-crushing experience of not knowing whether your coffee is fair trade or not? [Animated GIFs About Toronto Brunch]


GIFs are sweet, but GIFs that you can control are better. Enter GIF CTRL, which allows you to speed up, slow down or otherwise play around with GIFs. We like mucking around with this Drake GIF, because yes, we are that bored. [Toronto Standard]

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