August 22, 2014
Nov 9, 2012
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Just For Laughs gets all relationshippy on us

You probably recognize Godfrey. You’ve caught him in Zoolander and Comedy Central, and more recently, he’s appeared on Louie. A regular on the comedy circuit in New York, he’s bringing his stand-up to Toronto with the Just for Laughs Comedy Tour: Relationship Edition, which is going down tonight at Massey Hall. We chatted with him about the comedy crowds in Canada and — what else? — relationships. Just don’t call him a ladies’ man.

You’re doing the JFL Relationship tour. Why you? What makes you a relationship expert?
I’m not an expert. Because Jim Breuer’s married, Tom Papa’s married, I’m in a relationship, we just know what it’s like to be in a relationship. It’s not easy. I’m not an expert because I’ve been in [a relationship] for seven years, but if that makes me an expert, so be it. I don’t claim to be an expert. Shit, I’m not perfect. A lot of experts are the ones who are divorced. They write books and all that.

You’re labelled as a ladies man for the tour (even though you have a long-time girlfriend). What’s up with that?
I am not a ladies man. I’m going to ask them to change that. I have no clue.

You have a degree in psychology. Does that come into play at all with your comedy and your stance on relationships?
With comedy, no. [Laughs.] Nope. There’s no recipe, nothing — just make people laugh, you know what I mean? You get better at judging audiences as you experiment with comedy. There’s no method. You don’t do that. You just kind of feel it out with experience. I think that makes a lot of sense. I’m not going to lie to you: “Yeah, I use that theory” — I don’t. I’ve just done [comedy] for a long time. That’s it.

Why are relationships so funny?
Because relationships are kind of stupid to me. I just think men and women are so different and we’ll never get over our differences. We’re just different kinds of animals; there will always be conflict — that’s how we mate and stuff. It’s so funny how there are always the same issues. It’s the never-ending battle. The battle of the sexes is real. That’s what makes it so funny — we think we have all these solutions, but it’s the same problems over and over. There are never going to be different problems. It’s never going to change.

You live in NYC. Dating can be hard living in a big city. How did you meet your girlfriend?
I just met her normally. It wasn’t website stuff, it was natural. You meet someone, exchange numbers, you talk to them over a period of time. It was a natural way — the way you should do that. You have a nice conversation, then you get to know them more. It was very normal. New York is for single people, but eventually you meet someone. You meet them, you break up.  It’s a single city, but there’s a lot of people together.

You’ve performed in both Toronto and Montreal. How did you like your time there?
I like Toronto and Montreal. I like Toronto because of the ethnicity. It’s a good mix, I like that. Montreal is pretty cool, too. Toronto is hipper. Montreal is European, I kinda dig that.

How are the crowds different in Canada?
I’ve been performing in Canada for the past seven or eight years. They will be pretty sensitive when you push the envelope. They like edge, but they don’t. When you do some racist shit, they get all weirded out. They get all sensitive. Other than that, they’re the same. They kinda like the elephant in the room thing. They don’t mind it being there. Just don’t bring it up.

What’s your act going to be like?
I don’t know. It depends. I’ll change it up. I like to surprise myself. Who knows?

What’s next for you?
A show with Shaquille O’Neal. It’s called Upload with Shaquille O’Neal — it’s like Tosh.0. It’s me, Shaq and Gary Owen. We make fun of videos and do some sketches. It’ll come out in the New Year, 2013. It should be fun.

Just for Laughs Comedy Tour 2012, Nov. 9, Massey Hall, 7:30 p.m.

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