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Nov 12, 2012
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Meet a Comedy Troupe: Vest of Friends

They really are the Vest of Friends

Yes, it’s true: the guys in the comedy troupe Vest of Friends really like vests, and they really are the “best of friends.” And it looks they’ll be sticking to comedy for a while rather than making real money as engineers or something, which is a good thing for us because they’re pretty good at it. We chatted with the group about — what else? — vests, and their strange love for the cartoon series Doug. 


How did you guys come together?
Well, it all began with a big bang. That bang being Morgan [George] and Reid [Brackenbury] running into each other at Humber College Comedy Program. They found each other entertaining, and Morgan invited his long-time friend Evan [Richardson] into the troupe. Marc [Hallworth] came from being an engineer in Calgary (for real, he made real money), and he also met the guys at Humber. Thus we became…The Turtlenecks! (Which immediately was changed to Vest of Friends)

So you really like vests, huh?
We absolutely love vests. The vest idea came from our love of our own arms. We like flexing and looking at them so we thought the vests made sense. 

Who do you think wears vests better: Alex P. Keaton or Chandler Bing?
Both excellent vest wearers but the “Best Vest” title definitely goes to Doug from the cartoon series Doug.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
We all have our different ways we come up with sketches. Marc and Reid take from their own life experiences. Evan goes to Random Word Generator for ideas. Morgan is illiterate.

What’s the wildest thing thats ever happened to you onstage?
We participated in a sketch competition a few months back, and it was fairly clear we were not going to win. So at the end of the show, in order to entice the audience when they were voting, we decided Marc, Morgan and Reid should three-way kiss, and Evan should strip to his boxers and fist pump the air. To say the least, we lost. 

You’ve been to a number of festivals. Any favourite road trip stories?
Driving to Ottawa with no lights on at night. We couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on in our rental car. And cars kept pulling up beside us, yelling that our lights weren’t on. All we could do is mouth “We know!” and give ‘em a thumbs up.

What’s next on the horizon for you?
We are going to continue our monthly Vest Show in Town at the Comedy Bar. We plan to travel to New York, Philly, Columbus and the big one… Milwaukee! But our biggest job this year is the Internet! We currently don’t really have any good videos on the Internet because we wanted to be good live first. So it’s time for automatic fame. Which is what happens when you get on YouTube. You get famous. Doug famous.

If you could describe one another using one word, which word would it be?
Evan-Scary, Morgan-Sporty, Marc-Baby, Reid-Ginger. (Posh sucks.) 

In five years, are you still going to be the Vest of Friends?
We’d like to be. If we’re not Vest of Friends then we’ll at least be working on a live action movie of Doug.

The details:

Year established: 2010 ( 4,000 dog years ago)

Members: Reid Brackenbury (red hair), Marc Hallworth, Evan Richardson, Morgan George

Influences: The Kids in the Hall, The Simpsons, The Imponderables, Ladystache
Next show: Vest Show in Town, Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor St. W., 416-551-6540. Nov. 15, 10 p.m.

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