September 2012

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Review: Louis C.K. at Just for Laughs

Back in 2005, I waitressed at the Comedy Cellar, a 150-seat comedy club in New York’s West Village, where a red-haired, goateed, portly comedian performed regularly. But thanks to belligerent customers and my poor serving skills, I hardly paid attention to his act. Well, the hefty ginger and I were reunited last night, along with 3,000 people, at the Sony Centre. But this time I did pay attention to Louis C.K.


Morning Throwback: lest we forget, dogs are divas

It might seem perfectly normal to cast dogs in musicals these days, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that dogs can be total prima donnas when it comes to fame and fortune (and fancy cars).


We choose our favourite Bachelor Canada contestants

Earlier this year, I rather shamelessly auditioned for The Bachelor Canada. Sadly, I didn’t make the top 25. I guess my having never dated Kris Humphries (thankfully) nor having a water-cooler-worthy occupation like a strip club server or pastor didn’t pass the litmus test of reality TV coolness. Ah well. Jocks don’t really do it for me anyway. Sorry, Brad Smith.

Weekend Warrior: Nuit Blanche, Soupalicious, Ben Harper at Massey Hall, the Harvest Fair, Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show

It is an event that night owls and art connoisseurs circled on their calendars months in advance. Nuit Blanche (Sept. 29) will once again offer free art installations across downtown Toronto from Saturday night (starting at 7:03 p.m.) to sunrise on Sunday morning. You never really know the highlights of the event until you see them for yourself, but Geoffrey Pugen’s installation (100 Queen St. W.) and Yves Caizergues’ Green Invaders (150 King St. W.) look like standouts.


Morning Throwback: once upon a time, football and city politics were separate

Remember the days when juvenile football had nothing to do with city politics or a schmuck who peaked as a fifth-grade bully?


Woodpigeon delivers an awe-inspiring performance at Music Gallery

Mark Andrew Hamilton chose to name his band Woodpigeon because, when written in cursive, it resembles a roller coaster. Rather fitting for the sweeping loops and orbital reverb of the Vienna-by-way-of-Calgary singer-songwriter’s brand of folk. Besides, anyone who can dedicate a song about gay pirates to Stephen Harper in a church is bound to deliver an awe-inspiring performance — and Tuesday night’s set at the Music Gallery was no exception.


Morning Throwback: elephants have been stuck in Toronto for a while now

Who needs Bob Barker and the rest of the zoo drama when Toronto elephants can take to the open road with their best friends in the adventure of a lifetime?


Morning Throwback: in the early 1900s, cab drivers were decidedly more chillax

Nowadays cabs across the city are anxiously awaiting your call, while the cab drivers of the 1910s were just, you know, hanging out.


Review: David Suzuki at Just For Laughs (no, seriously)

When the line-up for Toronto’s Just For Laughs Festival 42 was announced, an unlikely jokester stood out from the regular throng of comics: David Suzuki. Yes, that David Suzuki. Almost immediately, buzz about the environmentalist’s show grew faster than a fruit fly (more about those later). Would he crack jokes on carbon footprints? Would he chaff on climate change? Anticipation started to mount.


Morning Throwback: before The Pirate Bay, Sam the Record Man was the place to find music in Toronto

Before CDs replaced records and iTunes replaced CDs, Sam the Record Man on Yonge Street was pretty much the mecca for music lovers in the city. Sam Sniderman, the Record Man himself, died Sunday. We’re pretty sure, wherever he is, that he’s listening to some sweet tunes. RIP, Sam.