Best things to do in midtown Toronto for 2016


L–R: Michael Keenan (Casa Loma Escape), Dana Rocket (Rocket Cycle) and Shaun de Wit (Sky Zone)

Best escape room
The immersive theatrical experiences make Casa Loma Escape the best. 1 Austin Terrace Blvd.
Michael’s pick: Lonsdale Gallery
“For fun, the escape room team and I will crash an opening night party. Last time we caught the Circle Game exhibition.” 410 Spadina Rd.

Best spin class
As they like to say, they think, live and are spin at Rocket Cycle. There’s a reason why it’s addictive. 688 St. Clair Ave. W.
Dana’s pick: The Stop’s Farmers’ Market
 “I think it’s so nice that every Saturday the St. Clair community works hard to put this beautiful place together.” 601 Christie St.

Best for kids
The sky’s the limit at, well, Sky Zone, where kids and grown kids can jump on trampolines till their hearts’ delight. 45 Esandar Dr.
Shaun’s pick: Crothers Woods Trails
“I like to take my dog Ryder — he’s a rat terrier mixed with corgi — on walks in the Crothers Woods trails.” Redway & Millwood

Best yoga
Both hard-core yogis and occasionalists can’t help but fall for Moksha Yoga and their range of classes. Try hot yoga, yoga with live tunes or karma, for those who have a slim wallet. 1498 Yonge St.

Best local theatre
The fall season at Tarragon Theatre starts Sept. 20 and begins with critical darling The Watershed, which debuted at last summer’s Panamania. Definitely one to see. 30 Bridgman Ave.

Best cat cafe
NoBlo just got a slice of Seoul thanks to its very first cat café: Meow Cat Cafe. Adorers of all things feline can sip on java while K-pop plays overhead and cats roam around the space. 556 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Best for flicks
Nothing beats the old school atmosphere at Regent Theatre, which got its screen debut back in 1927. Don your best fur and make a proper entrance on the double staircase. 551 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Best comics
With its incredible selection of golden and silver age comics, along with graphic novels aplenty, Paradise Comics is the place for comic enthusiasts. Read the original works before seeing them on the big screen. 3278 Yonge St.

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