How They Met: Bachelor Canada host on how he found love while travelling

TV star Noah Cappe told his then girlfriend, Keri, he loved her during a screaming match


Noah Cappe and his wife Keri at their vow renewal in Scotland

Noah Cappe, host of Bachelor Canada, is no stranger to the world of television. He’s an actor who has had roles in Good Witch and Bitten, and he also hosted Food Network’s Carnival Eats. Here he talks about his own love story with his wife Keri. This season’s bachelor, former baseball player Chris Leroux, could use some pointers from Cappe.

How they met
We met in Israel on a trip called Birthright Israel. I was 23 and Keri was 19, and we found out we lived 40 minutes away from each other back in Toronto. We stayed in touch once we got back and made the effort to see each other as much as possible, and we’ve been together ever since.

The first date
Our first official date was at the movies. We went to see Tomb Raider. We had been hanging out until then at her dorm room  at the University of Toronto (because I have seven siblings and was living at home, so I didn’t want her hanging at my home), so this was our first public date. She had so much money on her university food account, so I used to spend all her money getting Snapple drinks. Still to this day movies are a huge part of our relationship. When I’m in town for a week or so, we make it a point to fit in at least a movie or two.

Memorable moments 
We didn’t move too quickly and took things step by step, discussing everything together along the way. We had several memorable moments, one in particular was how we each said “I love you” for the first time. Keri came over after a night out with her girlfriends and was telling me a story about how she was telling her friends how she loves me, but she never actually said it to me. So I didn’t say anything. Later that evening I drove her home, and she got mad at me because I didn’t say I loved her back, but I didn’t think that she technically said it. So during our screaming fight she said, “I love you,” and I said, “I love you too!”

The proposal 
Keri was volunteering with Frontier College (a literacy organization for underprivileged people) at the time. She was directing their annual play, and I was narrating the play and had one of my brothers filming it. At the end of the play, when everyone was taking their final bows, I came onstage to introduce Keri and thank her for putting on the show. I started talking about how we’ve been together for 13 years and how I couldn’t think of a better place that represents us and our relationship, so then I got down on one knee and proposed then and there in front of everyone. It caught Keri by surprise and I used stones from her grandmother’s jewellery to make her ring.

The weddings 
We’ve been married three times. The first time was a commitment ceremony in Toronto at an art gallery. It was very intimate, only 50 people on a Thursday night with our family and closest friends. Then the next morning we brought 20 people to a cottage up north and celebrated there with brunch and a mini party. Second time was in Scotland. My grandfather who had passed away was from there and had left me a bit of money saying, “Don’t spend this on bills.” So we went there, just the two of us, and renewed our vows on the top of a gorgeous mountain. The third time was at city hall just the two of us. We hadn’t signed papers until then, so we were making it legal.

The kids 
We don’t have any kids right now, but we’ve begun the adoption process. Until the adoption is finalized, our children are our two cats — Dr. Peter Venkman and Mr. Gary Wu.

Balancing careers and marriage
It’s all Keri. The wear and tear of spending half the year on the road without your partner, home, family, etc., is very hard for me, but Keri never makes me feel guilty. She only provides support and love, so to have her say, “Do what you need to, and when you get home, I’ll be waiting for you” is incredible.

The home 
We live in Seaton village, right beside the Annex. We’ve been here for almost four years — the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere. We are in the initial process of renovating so that we’re ready to raise a kid here.

Bachelor Canada premieres Wed., Oct. 11, at 9 p.m. on W Network.

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