Drink This: the College Streetcar from College Street Bar


Image: Karolyne Ellacott

College Street Bar has been a mainstay of Little Italy for an oh-so-casual 23 years. Known for their Soul Sundays — Hogtown’s longest-running live music show — the space has recently launched a sharing menu to match its laudable cocktail list. Owner and chief bartender Gavin MacMillan, one of Canada’s top 10 mixologists, turns out a number of top tier tipples, but it’s his College Streetcar that takes the cake.

“It's by far the best seller,” he notes.

A nod to both the Cable Car and to neighbour Sidecar’s signature drink — with Marquis Du Villard brandy, Cointreau and lemon — the Streetcar ($11) subs in Sailor Jerry’s and keeps the Cointreau and fresh lemon. The goods are shaken with egg whites and poured into a coupe. But the pièce de résistance comes at the end: the top is dusted with a sugar-cinnamon melange and MacMillan, brandishing a blowtorch, brulées the ‘tail as one would do with a crème brûlée. The end result is a libation that’s very fresh and citrusy but finishes on a warm note.

When ordering, ask for a spoon — it may be a touch uncouth, but imbibers will need one to ensure all the goodness is scooped up at the end.

College Street Bar, 574 College St., 416-521-7200

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