September 2, 2014
Aug 17, 2011
11:11 AM

Molson Coors to launch a pink “beer” for chicks

The key to a woman's heart

The key to a woman's heart

It’s no surprise that women seem to be less into beer than men. While ads rife with midriff-bearing women are appealing to some, they can make it seem like beer is exclusively a man’s drink. “They’ve got to go,” says Toronto beer specialist Mirella Amato. As organizer of Toronto’s chapter of Barley’s Angels, a girls-only beer club, she knows that women can appreciate the beverage just as much as men if given a chance. So, how can breweries get women more into beer?

Molson Coors has proposed one rather interesting solution to the conundrum: make a beer that’s dainty. Or, in this case, a beer that’s pink. Like, literally pink. The beer company recently announced the release of Animée, its female-oriented “beer,” in the U.K., and it will come in three flavors: clear filtered, crisp rosé and zesty lemon. The only thing missing is a free pair of high heel shoes with each purchase (and maybe a couple of pretty horsies on the label).

How femme-fastic is it really, though? The Guardian’s Melissa Cole gave the beer a try and had this to say about it: “If anyone can identify anything even approaching a normal beer flavor in any of these drinks I’ll eat my hat.”

And while Amato hasn’t tried it yet (she is curious, though, about its purported bloat-resistant properties), she’s convinced that “flavour is key” in winning over the hearts of the ladies. Aesthetics alone aren’t going to cut it. Perhaps — and here’s a radical suggestion — brewers could starting marketing beer for its flavour, or highlighting the foods that complement different beers.

“The solution is not to get a buff guy inviting me to beer camp,” she says. “Everyone has a different taste. Trying to pigeonhole women — I don’t like it.”

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