Taste Test: T.O.’s perfect pie à la mode


McEwan was surprised that many shops were not using vanilla beans, his barometer of great vanilla ice cream.

September is apple-picking season around these parts, so we rounded up the city’s most decadent apple pies and matched them with this town’s best gourmet ice creams in search of the perfect dessert pairing. Which duo did chef Mark McEwan crown tops in T.O.? Read on to find out.


Pie Winner: Rolling Pin
1970 Avenue Rd. $25 
“This definitely has the best pastry. It has a nice bite to it, good crunch and the best balance.”

Charmaine Sweets
115 Vanderhoof Ave., $15 
“There’s lots of cinnamon in this one. It tastes good, but the apple feels just a little bit raw.” 

Summerhill Market
446 Summerhill Ave., $12.99
“They really cook their pastry. It’s actually a very good pie. I really like the apples and the way they’ve managed the apples.” 

Dessert Lady
12 Cumberland St., $11  
“This is a classic apple pie, and it has a nice golden colour to 

Phipps Desserts
1875 Leslie St., Unit 21, $14.95 
“This is very well seasoned. There’s some nutmeg, cinnamon. Nice colour on the apples.” 

Ginger’s Cupcakes and Desserts
10220 Yonge St., $25
“It’s a nice idea. Apples and bacon can go together, but the bacon should be crispy, and the apples should be caramelized.”

Ice Cream Winner: Bean and Baker Malt Shop
326 Harbord St., $7 / pint
“This is the best ice cream. I like the way they’ve left the vanilla in it. I like the colour of it; this is a more natural colour.” 

Dutch Dreams 
36 Vaughan Rd., $8.71 / half litre
​“This is good ice cream; it eats well. I really like the use of the egg yolk. What I like is it’s not too sweet, so you can eat more.” 

Summer’s Ice Cream 
101 Yorkville Ave., $8 / half litre
​“This ice cream is super smooth.” 

Put A Cone On It 
633 Bloor St. W., $8.50 / pint
“This has a very different taste,” says McEwan of the egg-free ice cream that uses pandan (screwpine) leaves.

Ed’s Real Scoop 
920 Queen St. E., $8.50 / pint
“This has more of the classic vanilla ice cream taste.” 

Greg’s Ice Cream 
750 Spadina Ave., $7.75 / half litre
​“This sweet cream ice cream is very rich. Very rich.” 

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Nikki Gill is the managing editor at Post City Magazines. When she's away from her desk, you can either find her sipping on delicious teas or trotting the globe. Follow her adventures on Twitter @nikkjit.

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