Too Close to Call: CNE bugs & DuWest worms


Jiminy Cricket! Bug Bistro dishes out bug tacos and beetle smoothies at the Ex, while Cookie Martinez serves cricket empanadas and silkworm spoons. We find out who’s the real bugaboo.

Bug Bistro

Mark Jacheki, owner


Cookie Martinez

Natalia Martinez, owner

The best way to eat a cricket, in my opinion, is legs off. But they don’t look “complete,” and people like to see the whole insect, so I serve them toasted and whole or powdered. Best way to serve a cricket? Legs on or off?  Legs get stuck in throats or between your teeth, but it’s hard to remove each one. I like them roasted, but I always try different ways in different dishes.  
We’re partnered with Entomo Farms out of Peterborough, who farm the insects under strict guidelines and have been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Where do you source your bugs? My crickets are from Third Millennium Farming. The silkworms are from a Korean supermarket on Bloor Street, and I bring back ants when I go to Colombia. 
Crickets are high in protein and use less water to produce versus beef. If a family of four ate bugs for one day a week it would contribute to saving 750,000 litres of water in one year.   Why should people consider insects as a protein source? Insects are healthier and use less natural resources. But it will be a while before we see people trading steaks for crickets, unless we’re in a desperate food crisis.
Bug Bistro is open at the Ex from
August 18 to Labour Day. Come on down, have a chat, and if you have not tried bugs before, I can assure you that you will
love them! 
How can people taste your bugged out delicacies?  They can come to my container, located at 707 Dundas Street West. It is called Colombian Street Food by Cookie Martinez. 
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Jessica Wei is an associate editor for Post City. She has lived and worked as a journalist in Montreal, Hong Kong and, now, Toronto. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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