First Look: Fish Street, a new midtown seafood market


Fresh fish (Images:

The fish are swimming uptown. They’ve landed themselves at a new fish shop on Yonge, just north of Eglinton, called Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen. The name pretty much sums it up.

Fresh hand-selected fish, an oyster and shrimp bar, live lobster and crabs make up the “market” portion. As for the open kitchen, chef Anthony D’Ambrosio — who owns the place with his wife, Daniela — has a small changing menu of made-to-order hot food, along with house-made marinades, frozen meals and, for those who know exactly how they like their fish but have no desire to cook it, you can choose your seafood from the case and have the chef cook it to your specs (25 cents per ounce).

Also the owner of a private catering service, Mr. D’Ambrosio places emphasis on fresh products made without preservatives. His goal is to fill a void in the area by eventually offering 30-40 varieties of seafood. Currently, Fish Street has about 25 varieties of seafood, including yellowfin tuna ($29/lb), halibut ($28/lb) or pickerel ($15/lb).

Mr. D’Ambrosio says that “properly fished” seafood, including line-caught fish and Ocean Wise-certified fish, are a priority. Any extras you may need to round out a dinner party, such as side dishes or even an oyster-shucking knife, are also available.

Steamed whole lane snapper (above) and fish 'n' chips

When we were there, Mr. D’Ambrosio showed off a selection of cooked dishes he hopes to rotate on a daily or weekly basis ($8 and up): lobster balls on saffron rice, baby octopus salad and steamed whole lane snapper. Items that currently hold down the menu include fish ‘n’ chips ($10) and fried smelts ($7). Sandwiches, such as oyster or lobster poboys ($14) make for an easy grab-and-go lunch.

Chef and co-owner Anthony D'Ambrosio

Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen, 2584 Yonge Street, 416-485-3474

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