Taste Test: Club kings sample T.O.’s top sammies

Restaurateurs and nightclub aficionados Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji sat down with us to determine which T.O. resto has nailed the gourmet club trend. At their new downtown eatery Figo, the pair dove into hot and fresh new takes on the classic sandwich.


Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji

Image: CJ Baek

Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji, two of Toronto's leading restaurateurs help us pick the city's best club sandwich.

Cocoalatte, 671 St. Clair Ave. W., $10  
“The whole combo works,” says Khabouth. Harji agrees saying, “The bread is really delicious, it has good texture, and it’s not trying too hard.”

Urban clubhouse 
Against the Grain Urban Tavern, 87 Laird Dr., $15
“It’s delicious. The cranberry isn’t overpowering, and the smoke of the turkey is nice, and I like the bread,” says Harji. Khabouth adds, “It’s a lot of turkey,” and he loves it. 

Dairy triple-decker
Centre Street Deli, 1136 Centre St., Thornhill, $14.95
“It looks like it’s from an old-fashioned diner,” says Khabouth, and Harji gets nostalgic: “It looks like something my mother made for me.”

Grilled turkey club
Colette Grand Cafe, 550 Wellington St. W., $18
The smoked tomato steals the show. Khabouth says, “The tomato makes it,” and Harji agrees: “the smoked tomato is delicious,” but he wishes there were more texture.

Tuna club sandwich 
Local Public Eatery, 180 Laird Dr., $16
“The best part is the bread that’s been buttered and toasted,” says Khabouth. Harji adds, “The tuna flavour is not as strong and doesn’t hold up to the bacon. It gets lost.”

Smoked chicken club 
The Hogtown Cure, 1484 Dundas St. W., $11.75 
“The smell of the pesto is really good,” says Khabouth as he admires all the colours in the sandwich. Harji wishes the chicken had a stronger smokey flavour. 

Camel club 
Black Camel, 4 Crescent Rd., $9.50
“The tomato is unbelievable,” says Khabouth. Harji agrees, “It’s good. It’s either oven roasted or olive oil poached or something, but it does the trick.” 

Ahi tuna club
Joey Don Mills, 1090 Don Mills Rd., $17.50
“The texture of the onion ring is really nice,” says Harji. Khabouth adds, “I love the bun. It’s delicious, I really like it. It’s a little bit sweet, but I like it.”

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