New site connects foodie friends through Facebook

These days, Google is the king of on-the-fly recipe searches, but deciding which website and recipe to go with still requires a bit of legwork. For something more instant-gratification friendly, Foodily was launched yesterday by a couple of former Yahoo execs. The new site compiles recipe search results side by side, like recipe cards, and also integrates Facebook. Because what is cooking without social networking, anyway?

We tested it out with a quick search of “pig’s face,” since Toronto seems to be all about pork these days, but didn’t find anything. Not to be defeated, we continued with a search of “pork chop,” with better results. Suggested recipes from Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart and Serious Eats came up, easily navigable, with images to boot.

One interesting aspect of Foodily’s search engine is the ability to easily find recipes without certain ingredients – helpful to those with allergies or those who have simply run out of onions and don’t want to go to the store.

All of it links to Facebook, so a potential dinner night can be made into an event — where friends can comment and collaborate — while recipes your friends “like” will appear first in the search results. The efficacy of that feature, though, probably depends on one’s taste in Facebook friends.


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