Weekly Restaurant Recap: The Chase, Dineen Coffee Co., Cupcakes, La Burrita, BruDa, Sneaky Dee’s


Barton Snacks is reopening soon in the Annex (Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

Weekly Restaurant Recap rounds up the week’s Toronto restaurant news. In this edition: a new Mexican spot in Koreatown, new tables for Sneaky Dee’s, the Dineen Building gets some new businesses and more.

Opening Soon

  • According to Toro Magazine, a new restaurant called The Chase is opening up in downtown Toronto this summer, with chef Michael Steh (ex-Reds Bistro) heading up the kitchen. Twitter indicates that the restaurant will be located in the Dineen Building at the corner of Yonge and Temperance. [Toro Magazine]
  • Also opening up in the Dineen Building is Dineen Coffee Co., a boutique coffee house. We’re told that the place will offer high-end coffee and takeout food. It’s expected to open around April of this year.  

Newly Opened

  • We haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone from La Burrita, a new Mexican joint in Koreatown, but the Yelp reviews are already coming in. [Yelp]
  • Toronto’s first Cupcakes location finally opened in Leaside this week. For the uninitiated, Cupcakes is a franchise co-founded by Heather White and Lori Joyce, who are known for their W Network show The Cupcake Girls.
  • The One has opened up at 895 Yonge Street, and no, it has nothing to do with Mark McEwan’s One. And contrary to what the name might suggest, the place offers up just about everything: burgers, breakfast, even Asian fusion. [Urban Spoon]
  • Leslieville has yet another new restaurant with TenTen, a project from the team behind The Upper Crust. Fittingly located at 1010 Queen Street East, the restaurant is currently in its soft-opening phase.


  • Little Italy’s BruDa restaurant has gotten a bit of Top Chef Canada power with its new chef, Gabriell Cruz. Formerly the sous chef at Quatrefoil, Cruz made it to episode six on last season’s show. [Toronto Life]
  • Sneaky Dee’s is famous for its customer-generated graffiti (among other things), so it’s with a hint of sadness that we report that the bar has “retired” some of its tables and replaced them with new ones. The previous tables had amassed around 12-15 years of graffiti. The good news is twofold: a) Sneaky Dee’s has immortalized the retired tables on its Facebook page and b) graffiti for the new tables is encouraged. [Reddit]
  • Toronto Life reports that the Annex location of Barton Snacks will be reopening by mid-March. The shop has temporarily closed due to an injury of one of the owners. [Toronto Life]
  • King West grocery store Alimento is getting a renovation. It’s slated to reopen by May 1. [The Grid]
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