Toronto’s Best Sandwiches: Electric Mud BBQ’s squid po-boy

Delivered right to your door (Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

The po-boy is the sandwich of New Orleans. Dating back to 1929, the iconic food item owes its name to Bennie and Clovis Martin, restaurateurs and former streetcar workers who vowed to feed their former colleagues during a violent streetcar strike, noting the string of ‘poor boys’ arriving at their eatery.

Prior to the strike, comparable sandwiches existed, however the bread was widened at the Martins’ behest, marking the dawn of the new ’wich.

In Hogtown, we’re a touch less familiar with the po-boy, though thanks to the onslaught of restos hawking grub from the southern states, chances are that’ll change. At Electric Mud BBQ, the squid po-boy ($6.50) sees deep fried rings of the stuff drizzled in spicy aioli. Tumbling out of a submarine bun, the squid is piled atop pickle rounds and shredded iceberg lettuce with a side of super spicy slaw. A wedge of lemon adds some extra bite, resulting in a meal with the perfect spice-acid balance.

And, thanks to Hurrier, they’ll deliver the goods (granted there’s no snowstorm).

Electric Mud BBQ, 5 Brock Ave., 416-516-8286

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