10 hot restaurants we can't stop talking about


Squid at Tanto

Drizzy's latest foray into the 6ix food scene; a giant food hall packed to the rafters with top chef talent; popular brunch spot gone deli — Toronto certainly knows how to satisfy our bellies right now.

Here are the restaurants you need to check out. 

Adamson Bakery
First came T.O.’s best ribs, then pizza, and now the final child has emerged into the world: Adamson Bakery. Sitting pretty in the back of Adamson Barbecue at 176 Wicksteed Avenue, this bake shop is helmed by pastry chef Dani DeRoo who refuses to let the goods stray from their southern roots. Order your key lime pie, blueberry custard squares or lemon coconut crunch cake in advance and prep thy stomach. 

Argentine cuisine is finally finding its footing in T.O., and Tanto, at 74 Ossington Avenue, is here to prove it. Chef Julian Iliopoulos is in the kitchen, having learned the ways of the world from chefs Chris McDonald and Doug Penfold (oh, and a jaunt to Argentina). Nosh on grilled squid with burnt almond salsa, short ribs with chimichurri.… 

Assembly Chef's Hall
Where can one find chefs Jackie Lin, Ivana Raca, Nick Liu and more under one roof? Enter Assembly Chef’s Hall, a giant food hall now open at 111 Richmond St. W. With so many options available (from ramen to health grub) where to even start?

​Pick 6ix
Drake’s resto is finally open and it's full o’ celebs! We chatted to the Montreal celeb chef at the helm, Antonio Park, who promises such culinary delights as grilled octopus salad, wagyu tataki and Kobe beef.

Tuk Tuk
​Any excuse to go to Roncy will do, especially for a fun new Cambodian spot.

​Tibet Kitchen
Chilly days call for soups, strewn with momos; Parkdale cauli pakora; and Tibetan butter tea.

The Civic
Eastside restaurant veterans John Sinopoli and Erik Joyal (Ascari Enoteca, Gare de L’Est Brasserie) drew on lavish old dinners of the past when creating the menu for The Civic — the new restaurant in the Broadview Hotel. Head east for rabbit terrine, desserts made by their in-house pastry chef and cocktails inspired by the late Victorian era.

Rose and Sons
Anthony Rose’s shirtless memo and definitely “real” Q & A with Anderson Cooper made us want matzo balls.

Rickshaw Bar
Chef-owner Noureen Feerasta pours her heart into dishes like khao shay and Ismaili beef curry.

Fleur du Jour
Fresh, warm croissants! Take our money.

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