Figures is the first Toronto restaurant to accept Bitcoin

The Yorkville eatery has already taken their first payment with the cryptocurrency


Brothers Nader and Patrick Marzouk opened Figures in 2017


Once reserved for tech nerds and eccentric libertarians, it seems that the rapidly growing bitcoin is finally being taken seriously. 

Toronto restaurant, Figures, is a case in point. The Yorkville establishment, which opened in 2017, recently announced they would be accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. 

The comic-book themed restaurant, located at 137 Avenue Road, is no stranger to taking a few risks. Displaying some rare finds including original Archie comic drawings and a first-rendering model of Darth Vader, as well as a comic-strip custom mural adorning the walls of the foyer, it's fair to say that Figures stands out from the rest of the Yorkville pack. 

According to CityNews, the restaurant has already accepted payment for a bill with bitcoin. "The bill was $400 and change," said Figures co-owner, Nader Marzouk. He stated that they had made a little profit but would be holding out before selling just yet. 

"We are willing to bet, in fact we are betting, that it's going to go in the opposite direction...[bitcoin] is going to be part of the future of transactions." 

CNBC recently reported that despite the cryptocurrency dipping below $6,000 in the last few days, it could pass the trillion dollar value mark this year. 

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