There's an international sausage party happening at the Maple Leaf Tavern this month

The six-course sausage dinner menu will be paired with unique beers



So you didn’t make it to the 239th Wine & Food Society of New York meeting back in the ‘70s? Train tickets too expensive? Couldn’t get the ole’ time machine to dial back that far?

Luckily for the history-chasing gourmands among us, Maple Leaf Tavern is bringing a taste of the Waldorf-Astoria to the East End: They’re recreating the historic 1973 six-course sausage dinner menu from that evening, and pairing it with a contemporary spread of unique beers. And they’ve invited some pretty knowledgeable folks to guide you through the evening, including Greg Clow, publisher and editor of Canadian Beer News, and Gary Gillman, Toronto beer enthusiast.

Chef Jesse Vallins, executive chef of Maple Leaf Tavern and PORT and award-winning sausage-maker, will be preparing the ambitious meal, which begins with a first course of house-cured pepperoni and Maple Leaf Tavern spicy pickles followed by a sausage sampler of Chicago-style beef hot dog, Mexican-style Chorizo con Tostada and an elegant French garlic sausage baked in a brioche.

The meal moves through a course of haggis, followed by yellow pea soup swimming with ham hock, birch syrup and black truffle, then a German Weisswurst and bratwurst course accompanied by warm potato salad, sauerkraut and dark rye bread, all finished off with a Swiss meringue cake with cherry brandy, fruit preserve and vanilla.

This international sausage party takes place at Maple Leaf Tavern (955 Gerrard St. E) on February 21, to the tune of $140 per head. Seats are limited, so reservations should be made at the tavern or by phone at 416-465-0955.

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Jessica Wei is an associate editor for Post City. She has lived and worked as a journalist in Montreal, Hong Kong and, now, Toronto. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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