Cheap Eat of the Week: Pho Phuong’s bánh xèo


Bánh xèo (Image: Gizelle Lau)

Upon my return from a recent epic food adventure in Vietnam, it didn’t take long for the beautiful memories of homemade cabbage soup, beef pho and bánh xèo pancakes to begin to wear off. It’s times like these when I begin to search high and low across the city for anything that just might keep the flavour memories alive.

On Dundas West, between Dufferin and Lansdowne, Pho Phuong, considered one of the city’s more “upscale” pho restaurants, is one of a handful of places in the city with traditional bánh xèo, made southern-style in a giant wok.

The pancake begins with a batter of rice flour, water and turmeric. Bean sprouts, green onion and shrimp or pork are added and then fried until perfectly browned and crispy. It’s served with lettuce or rice paper, to be used as a wrap for the pancake, as well as aromatic herbs like basil or mint, along with fish sauce on the side.

Pho Phuong, 1603 Dundas St. W., 416-536-3030

Gizelle Lau is a food/travel writer and photographer in Toronto who lives from one meal to the next. Her column, Cheap Eat of the Week, highlights dishes that costs $10 or less. Follow her on Twitter for your daily dose of food from in/around the city.

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