Cheap Eat of the Week: the rice-wrapped dough fritters from King’s Noodle Restaurant


King Noodle's rice flour roll with doughnut (Image: Gizelle Lau)

Stroll through Chinatown and you can’t miss the tourists snapping photos of restaurants like King’s Noodle, with neon-orange squid, crispy roasted pork, soy sauce chicken and fatty roasted duck displayed in the window front.

While the noodles at King’s Noodle are the main draw, don’t miss out on the rice flour roll with donut ($3.75): deep-fried Chinese fritters wrapped in rice noodle, usually eaten with congee. Made at the front of the restaurant, you can watch the staff deep-frying the savoury fritters, which are cut up into pieces and then rolled up in a layer of rice noodle with green onions on the outside.

Crunchy on the inside, soft on the outside, douse them in soy sauce at your table or dip them in hoisin or peanut sauce.

King’s Noodle Restaurant, 296 Spadina Ave., 416-598-1817

Gizelle Lau is a food/travel writer and photographer in Toronto who lives from one meal to the next. Her column, Cheap Eat of the Week, highlights dishes that costs $10 or less. Follow her on Twitter for your daily dose of food from in/around the city.

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