Friday Restaurant Recap: Bite Bar, The Hogtown Cure, Ben & Izzy’s Deli, Sagra, The Antler Room


The new Antler Room boasts pinball, steins and food (Image: The Antler Room)

Friday Restaurant Recap rounds up the week’s Toronto restaurant news. In this edition: pinball and beer steins unite, a new dessert bar for downtown, a new kosher deli on Bathurst Street and more.

Opening soon

  • Ever have dessert cravings but not want to engorge yourself? Bite Bar, an upcoming dessert place on Elm Street, will soon tackle that niche by serving up only bite-sized portions. [Bite Bar]
  • Kosher smoked meats, pickled tongue and corned beef — all made in-house — are the name of the game at Ben & Izzy’s Deli, which will soon become What A Bagel’s new neighbour at the corner of Old Orchard and Bathurst. [Twitter]
  • A new website hints at what’s probably a restaurant called Sagra coming to Annette Street. Based on the slogan, we’re guessing Italian cuisine. [Sagra]

Newly opened

  • Hidden in an alley off of Front Street is The Antler Room, a new spot that claims to offer “pinball, giant personalized beer steins and dangerously good food,” all the while hosting an eclectic rotation of local bands every weekend. [The Antler Room]
  • Our city’s affection for anything involving pork continues with newly opened The Hogtown Cure, which is nestled comfortably near Dundas and Dufferin. [The Grid]
  • Kensington Market has never been short of interesting niche shops, so Thomas Lavers Cannery and Delicatessen should feel right at home. [Read our post here]
  • The space that once housed Maléna is now occupied by Dyne, an Iberian-Asian inspired restaurant that “is not fusion,” as insisted by chef-owner Richard Andino. [Read our post here]



  • Chef-owner Mani Binelli had originally planned to open a restaurant on Dundas West called NoNo’s Pastaria, but he’s decided to switch things up and go with something a bit edgier: The Guild. [Read our post here]
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