The Hoof has brought back brunch."> The Hoof has brought back brunch." />

The Hoof’s brunch is back


Octo and grits (Image: The Black Hoof)

Mornings suck. Always have, always will. But now they suck a little bit less, especially if you live near Dundas West and happen to have an affinity for blood sausage. The Hoof has brought back brunch.

It’s going down at Hoof Raw Bar every Thursday to Saturday (from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and every Sunday (from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). There, the old Hoof Café sign gets placed in the window (owner Jen Agg kept the sign for nostalgia’s sake) and chef Amancio dos Santos (formerly the sous chef at Hoof Raw Bar) heads up the kitchen.

The offerings are decidedly Hoof-esque: chicken-fried sweetbreads and waffles ($16), heart ‘n’ eggs ($12) or octo and grits ($16). For $10, patrons can get a blood sausage McMuffin to go, along with some Sam James coffee from a French press.

Booze, of course, hasn’t been left out. The Hoof’s brunch offers four tomato-based cocktails, along with brunch punch and other breakfast cocktails.

And what about the suckling pig eggs Benny and other Hoof Café favourites?

“We don’t repeat ourselves,” Agg says. “That’s always been our theme at The Hoof.”

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