Claudio Aprile announces he’s closing the last of his Origin restaurants this month


Origin Bayview Village closed in September 2016 and Origin King East will join it this month.

Last weekend, Claudio Aprile announced via Twitter that the last of his Origin restaurants will close on January 21.

Aprile came to the attention of Toronto’s dining scene as the executive chef at Sen5es in the early 2000s. In 2006, he opened Colborne Lane, a high-end, modernist restaurant and added the first Origin in 2009 on King Street East.

As they are wont to do, the empire quickly expanded and outposts were added in Liberty Village (2012) and at Bayview Village (2013).  

Our critic was confused by the execution at Origin Liberty and concluded: “There are the two problems of borrowed cuisines and the issue of control.”

Kates was more bullish on Origin Bayview Village and wrote in her review that “Claudio Aprile (of Origin and Origin Liberty Village) still plays with molecular gastronomy and freeze-dries food to boost flavour, but since the demise of his high-end Colborne Lane he’s reined in some of those flights of fancy — which is good.”

The Liberty Village restaurant was the first to close by early 2014 — just 18 months after it had opened. Word came in September 2016, via Reddit, that the doors were locked and a rent arrears notice was posted at the Bayview Village location. 

Aprile has been one of three chef-presenters on MasterChef Canada since 2014. 

According to his tweet, Aprile is working on a new project and Origin King Street will be open until January 21.

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