Toronto's most anticipated restaurant openings of 2017 from Grey Gardens to Godspeed


Double D's brings serious Chicago-style deep dish to the new Parkdale: Gerrard Street East

Grey Gardens
First on the list (let there be no patriarchy here), is that restaurant of Jen Agg’s that has seen Torontonians turn shades of, um, grey while waiting for it to open. We just hope that Agg hasn’t turned her back on us now that she’s smitten with her other new spot in Montreal.

Poor Romeo
In case you were unaware, Gerrard and Jones is all set to be the new Parkdale. It’s home to the Maple Leaf Tavern and the super cool (and delish) Pinkerton’s Snack Bar, and stay tuned for the across-the-street ’50s diner coming at you from the Pinkerton lads. It’s gonna be good. 

Double D's
Despite the somewhat questionable moniker, this promises to be another exciting addition to the Gerrard East strip. Until now, Chicago-style deep-dish ’za has been missing from T.O.’s foodscape, but DD’s is all about the Chi-town pies. Prepare to get in queue. 

Godspeed Brewery
More east end news: one of Canada’s top brew masters, Luc “Bim” Lafontaine, is gearing up to open his microbrewery in Little India. The brewpub is gunning for a spring opening, promising a retail space, dining area for 70 and a patio for good measure.

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