Restoronto: Toronto's food news including the return of Claudio Aprile

Plus news on Victor Barry’s latest, an upcoming BBQ joint and more


Copetin’s Claudio Aprile in a classic pose

Big opens
Summer is here (we think?), and Toronto’s resto scene has been peppered with some fresh finds.

Groundbreaking chef Claudio Aprile’s highly anticipated Copetin is now open in his former Origin digs at 107 King St. W. The MasterChef Canada judge who pretty much taught Toronto about molecular gastronomy (remember Colborne Lane?) is returning to the kitchen at his new casual eatery, dishing out cuisine inspired by TO.’s different culinary pockets. Think tostadas (beet! chorizo! avocado!), beef tartare with smoked egg yolk and, our fave, the cloud-like ricotta gnudi. Hard to resist.

In a case of the done it agains, chef Victor Barry, along with Brendan Piunno and Nikki Leagh McKean, have debuted Café Cancan. This darling French bistro sits at 89 Harbord St., where the Harbord Room was. Designer Tiffany Pratt has sprinkled the interior with her brand of magic, and the menu is full of Frenchy faves. Don’t worry, they give a nod to their past with a mean burg topped with a mayo remoulade and cheddar.

The hot-off-the-presses Broadview Hotel is gearing up to do for the east what the Drake Hotel did for the west. Found at 106 Broadview Ave., it’s a boutique hotel with a café, a rooftop bar and more. That east is looking good. 

­­Foodie finds
Looky here, suits! King Taps is a tap house located smack dab in the Financial District. Brought to us courtesy of the Cactus Club Cafe folks, the 100 King St. W. space houses a cool 450 peeps (plus there’s a double-decker patio) and is pretty chuffed to offer a mere 72 craft and international brews on tap. Eats include menu darlings like mini burgers, poke bowls and pizza. Fine. It is rather fun.… 

The fifth T.O. location of b.good jumped into 75 Eglinton Ave. E., Unit 100 on July 27. More bowls (spicy avocado and lime?), more salads (kale and brussels sprouts) and a burger or two (turkey!) for when you can no longer utter “bowl.”

Coming soon
Yorkville Village is about to embrace Palm Lane. Chef Tyler Shedden (Café Boulud) shall be overseeing the menu and spinning out lots of Yorkville-y bites (salads! bowls!) to keep ya slim ’n’ trim. We’re also into consuming less meat … for the hotting up planet and all. Sidenote: adding “palm” into the name of your new resto is a thing.

You may think you don’t know the name Jason Rees, but actually you do. The pit master has been barbecuing his way across T.O. and is opening a place to call his own. Earlscourt BBQ by Pork Ninjas will arrive at the corner of St. Clair Avenue West and Earlscourt Avenue right after Labour Day. It’ll be a hundred seater, with a patio to boot. His BBQ is a paint-by-number mix of Alabama, central Texas, Carolina and Kansas City styles.    

Not feeling the BBQ? Mary Be Kitchen shall swoon uptowners with its healthful grub, which, according to their Insta, includes a whole pile o’ carrots and a bean medley. Sit tight for more details on the 21 St. Clair Ave. W. space. 

In more uptown news, super chain The Yellow Chilli is coming in hot hot hot to Yonge and Eg. The world’s biggest Indian chain (most outposts are in India) will be serving fare like veg biryani and fish tikka masala. 

Jamieson Kerr and Andrew Carter of The Queen and Beaver have acquired Bar Italia at 582 College St. and are starting renos. Come fall, Mad Crush Wine Bar shall tickle our wino palates.

Sad to see you go
Gerrard East’s homey diner Saturday Dinette, the work of chef-owner Suzanne Barr, has closed its doors thanks to a battle with the landlord. Fortunately, we’ve got Kid Chocolate to look forward to. Plus Barr is currently the inaugural chef in residence at the Gladstone Hotel, serving Jamaican fare inspired by her mom’s cooking until Sept. 28. 

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