Taste Test: Chef Massimo Capra picks Toronto’s best butcher-shop sausages

Celebrity chef Massimo Capra joins us just in time for Father’s Day to taste-test his favourite barbecue item — sausages. These aren’t any old run-of-the-mill links. These are the most creative flavours in Midtown. Whose bangers are the best? Find out here.


Chef Massimo Capra samples Toronto's best wursts

Chili & lime sausage from Summerhill Market 

“It’s very juicy and fresh. The lime and chili come through. This is a very well-made sausage.” 
446 Summerhill Ave., $7.99/lb.

Chicken with shiitake sausage from The Butcher’s Son

“Wow this is really good. I get the shiitake mushrooms, I get the scallions, I get the moisture from the chicken. The flavour is fantastic."
2055 Yonge St., $9.99/lb.

Cubano sausage from Olliffe 
“It has a beautiful smell, and the flavour is very good with the pickles, cheese, garlic and pork. The flavours are well balanced.”
1097 Yonge St., $12/lb.

Root beer sausage from Roast
“It tastes sweet. The root beer is the sweetness. The flavour is very interesting and well-balanced. And I love the green onion.”
786 St. Clair Ave. W., $9.99/lb.

Blue cheese & pear sausage from The Healthy Butcher
“If you’re a lover of blue cheese, you’re going to love this and I get a bit of the pear.”
298 Eglinton Ave. W., $8.99/lb.

Jerk chicken sausage from Cumbrae’s
“I can smell the clove and all the jerk spices. This is a tasty sausage. It’s very innovative and very pleasant and mildly spiced.”
1636 Bayview Ave., $9.99/lb.

Maple chipotle sausage from Pusateri’s 
“The maple comes through really strong, and the chipotle a little less. It’s a beautifully constructed sausage.”
2901 Bayview Ave., $10.99/lb.

Moroccan sausage from Magen Meats
“It’s made in the right size and casing, but the Moroccan spicing is not very strong.”
1118 Centre St., Unit 21, $15.55/lb.

Honey garlic sausage from Bruno’s
“It’s nice and moist and well composed. I think there’s something missing in terms of the honey and the garlic to balance the palate.”
2055 Avenue Rd., $5.99/lb.

Apple ginger sausage from The Friendly Butcher
“You can see all the apples inside. It’s tightly packed. This is done very well. The salt is perfect, but I don’t get the ginger flavour.”
3269 Yonge St., $8.99/lb.

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