Zane Caplansky locked out of College Street deli


Zane Caplansky at his newest location (it’s still open) in Yorkville.

Image: Jason Finestone

Zane Caplansky woke up in the middle of the night last night to answer a call from his alarm company. The intruder alarm was going off at his original deli at 356 College St. When he got there, he found a locksmith changing the locks and a notice from a bailiff’s company stating that his landlord was reassuming possession of the property.

Usually, a notice from a landlord in a restaurant window announces that a tenant has failed to pay their rent, but in this case Caplansky’s landlord is saying that the deli owner violated a part of the lease related to repairs. For his part, Caplansky says: “I’ve received no notice from our landlord. We are not behind on any rent or any payment whatsoever.” 


There was speculation in a thread on the Toronto subreddit that this disagreement could be related to renovations Caplansky undertook, but he says that is “absolutely not the case. It’s been four years since we did any kind of renovations and that was all done with the landlord’s consent. We have abided by every aspect of our lease."

Noting that they have just launched into an expansion plan (their Yorkville location opened last month) he says, “if this landlord doesn’t want us there, maybe there’s landlords in other parts of the city that do."

But he meets the idea that he might have wanted out of the College space by saying, “I have three years left on my lease. My landlord has wrongfully terminated the lease. I want back in and I want to continue operating for the next three years."

We reached out to the bailiff’s company, S. Wilson & Co. Bailiffs Ltd., but their president, Harvey Greber, declined to comment.

Caplansky says his top priority is getting his 55 employees back to work as soon as possible.

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