At the Bar: One-two milk punch from Good Fortune

Yonge ’n’ Eg’s new cocktail bar underneath La Carnita


Good Fortune’s Jake Dolgy

What’s old is new again
As the saying goes, appearances can be rather deceiving. Peering at the glass bottle filled with a transparent liquid, one would never guess that milk is a major ingredient. But craft cocktail bar Good Fortune has us fooled. Clarified punch is a super old-timey way of crafting cocktails, with the best-known recipe reaching back to 1711. Also known as English milk punch (not to be mistaken for New Orleans’s brandy milk punch) it’s making a comeback thanks to its silky smooth consistency and low-alcohol content.

Pouring creativity
At the Yonge ’n’ Eg bar, manager Jake Dolgy has put his own spin on this historical tipple. Found in the basement of La Carnita, Good Fortune has a tropical vibe thanks to plenty of greenery and Millennial pink walls. Despite a background in film, Dolgy was spending more time in bars than creating films. Now, there’s more immediacy when it comes to audience engagement and creativity. His new cocktail menu has been given a fun wrestling theme — how else do you craft a menu, right?

Keep it juicy
The Hell in a Cell punch ($16) begins with Tequila Tromba’s blanco, upside-downing the idea that sharing beverages need be rum-driven. Multiple bottles of the spirit are paired with blood orange oolong tea and syrup. Pineapple and lemon juices and house-made Meyer lemon sherbet join the mix before it’s added to whole milk. The citrus curdles the milk and the liquid is filtered off, resulting in a crystal clear concoction that’s super-easy sipping. “It’s something everybody loves,” Dolgy says. “It’s just a big juicy punch!”

Good Fortune, 130 Eglinton Ave. E., 647-351-2130

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