Taste Test: T.O.'s top lobster rolls

In celebration of Canada’s 150th year, we asked chef Mark McEwan to sample nine of the city’s most talked about lobster rolls. Whose claws are king? Which rolls rocked our world? Read on to find out.



Good Catch Boil House, M109-179 Enterprise Blvd., $22.95
“As far as flavour goes, this has the best taste. I like the fact that there’s pickle in it. It adds a nice brightness to it. The lobster is cooked well. The bun is the right size. They’ve done a really good job on the 
seasoning and the cooking. It’s the most pleasant.” 

Smoked & Cracked, 516 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Market Price
“The lobster is well cooked,” says McEwan of the cold roll made with fresh Canadian east coast lobster brought in live daily. “There is a bit too much bread for me, but the lobster is good, and the sauce is neutral.” 

Lbs., 100 Yonge St., #100, $35
“On a hot bread with the drawn butter, this one sounds good. It’s very clean tasting. I like the concept of this one. The bread is good, it’s split at the top with the butter, the seasoning and the contrast of the celery and the parsley. It’s a very good sandwich.” 

Buster’s Sea Cove, 876 Yonge St., $14.95
“They use the coral [unfertilized eggs] in this as well,” says McEwan. “They chopped it all up, which is nice. The celery is nice too because it offers a little bit of contrast to the sandwich.” 

Little Fin, 4 Temperance St., $16
“This one looks like it’s on a pretzel bun,” says McEwan of the sesame seed bun holding the lobster salad along with iceberg lettuce. “They’ve also really minced up their lobster. I just find the bread a bit dry,” he says.  

Lobster Monster, 3249 Yonge St., $22
“This is interesting. This is a different choice of bun. Croissant is not really a traditional bread for a lobster roll, but it actually works. People out east would consider a croissant to be wrong, but it can be great. And there’s a lot of lobster on this one.” 

Rodney's Oyster House, 469 King St. W., $29
“I like the bun and the idea of the bacon is nice. They’ve used bibb lettuce too. Overall, I like the bun, I like the bacon, and the lobster is cooked well. It could just use a little more seasoning.” 

Museum Tavern, 208 Bloor St. W., $25
“I like this bun. It’s a little more manageable in size, though some people like the bun to be bigger. The mayo tastes good as well, but the lobster chunks could be a bit bigger.” 

Fresco’s Fish & Chips, 816 St. Clair Ave. W., $12.95
“This is the least conventional with the ciabatta bun. The slaw is really tasty, but I don’t think I like the cheddar cheese on it too much,” says McEwan. “But I can tell they’ve spent quite a bit of time on it, and the sandwich is tasty.”  

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Nikki Gill is the managing editor at Post City Magazines. When she's away from her desk, you can either find her sipping on delicious teas or trotting the globe. Follow her adventures on Twitter @nikkjit.

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