Too Close to Call: Shake (It) Off


L-R: Emily Benson, district manager of Hollywood Cone and Nami Matsuyama, barista at Café Núna

It’s the ultimate shake showdown: Hollywood Cone has its Mutant Milkshakes piled sky high, while Café Núna struts its Freakshake flare. You decide who’s shaking and who’s faking.

Hollywood Cone


Café Núna

Hollywood Cone started out
as a food truck in 2013.  

Year established? Café Núna was founded in 2017; previously it went by Niche Coffee & Tea. 
The Cloud 9, a shake of vanilla ice cream, Reese’s cups, cheesecake, brownies and chocolate topped with a peanut butter and mini-Reese’s rim and a slice of cheesecake.   First Freakshake/Mutant Milkshake you fell in love with? Sip A Coffee — coffee brewed in-house plus milkshakes equals the best of both worlds!
Always start off with a great shake as your base. Too many people just focus on the presentation — the taste has to be just as good as the presentation.  Secret to a good shake? Do not overmix. You don’t want watery and runny milkshakes!
Always start at the top and work your way down — that's why we make all of our Mutant shakes extra thick. Best way to eat an elaborate milkshake? With your family and friends laughing at you as you try to figure out how to approach this slowly melting goodness.… Trust me, it’s part of the experience! 
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Jessica Wei is an associate editor for Post City. She has lived and worked as a journalist in Montreal, Hong Kong and, now, Toronto. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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