Hey Roncy! Hey Meatball!

It hasn’t even been a year since Rodney Bowers opened Hey Meatball! in Little Italy, but we’ve just received word that a second incarnation of the popular food shop is already in the works. Bowers has secured a location at 91 Roncesvalles Ave., where he hopes to open a new Hey Meatball! in about six weeks.

The new location will maintain the same concept as the original — with staples like The Rodfather appearing on the menu — but Bowers says he has some surprises in store that he’s not quite ready to reveal yet. He did say that, at 2,000 square feet, the new Hey Meatball! will be about twice the size as the first one. It’s licensed to seat 100 people.

With a barrage of other eateries having set up shop on the Roncesvalles strip in recent months, it’s now official: if you’re hungry, go west.  

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