August 28, 2014
Mar 11, 2013
02:33 PM

Kates: Banh Mi Boys lives up to the hype

The most delectable sandwich shop in town is a draughty little diner where you can sit at a cramped table… or take it out. Counter service is fast and affable, it’s crazy cheap and the flavours are Vietnamese with some Korean spice.

Best of the best is five-spice pork belly (pictured) with cucumber, coriander and pickled daikon and carrot shreds on bao, which is a soft steamed bun. The sandwiches also come on very fresh baguette, a shout-out to Vietnam’s French period.

The other great sandwich is Korean kalbi: slow cooked beef, sweet and tender.

As for kimchi fries, these are to Korean food what poutine is to Canadian cuisine. Sweet perfect frites are mixed with fab pulled pork, green onions and mayo, with enough kimchi on top for excitement. 

Banh Mi Boys, 392 Queen Street West 416-363-0588