Toronto’s Best Sandwiches: Saving Grace’s brunch-friendly pupusa


Messy, but good (Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

In El Salvador, pupusas are ubiquitous; in Hogtown, they are far less visible. (We blame the taco). At Dundas West’s Saving Grace, a brunch-crowd fave, the traditional Salvadoran fare has been given a bit of a sandwich-y spin.

The traditional versions found at roadside pupuserias use a maize-based dough, and the fillings could include pollo (chicken), frijoles (refried beans) or queso (cheese).

Saving Grace’s version ($11) generously stuffs red beans, butternut squash and Monterey Jack between two corn tortilla rounds. Tomatillo salsa verde, cilantro and hunks of avocado stand in for repollo — the typical sauerkraut-like side salad.

Be warned: this take is just as filling as the original.

Saving Grace, 907 Dundas St. W., 416-703-7368

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