Toronto’s Best Sandwiches: the Better Mac from This End Up


The single-patty version of the Better Mac, $5 (Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

This End Up just marked two years on Dundas West, celebrating with some festive specials this past weekend. The homey space, with servers sporting creative hair, attracts a hodgepodge of West-enders—from crop-top-wearing artsy types to new moms with babes in tow. Eats are well-priced and the spot is known for their hefty sandwich offerings (we’ve gobbled down some in the past).

The so-called Better Mac is—you guessed it—a spin on the trashy–good classic hawked by a well-known clown with an affinity for red and yellow garb ($14). Two four-ounce patties of freshly-ground chuck are sandwiched between a soft white bun along with rounds of dill pickle, curls of sweet onion, and plenty of shredded iceberg lettuce. The burger—done medium-rare, if so desired—is gussied up further with some Thousand Islands-esque special sauce, and topped with either cheddar or American cheese.

For the real deal, go with American.

This End Up, 1454 Dundas St. W., 647-347-8700

Karolyne Ellacott is a features editor at Post City Magazines. She pedals around town in heels, eating sandwiches and drinking cocktails. She writes about that, and about other stuff too. She is also on Twitter.

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