Lunch Pick: Planta’s vegan menu offers no-regrets satiety


Image: Karolyne Ellacott

Step into Planta any day of the week, and you'd never guess this buzzy room is swimming with folks eating entirely plant-based grub. With every seat in the handsome room filled, chef David Lee and Steven Salm of the Chase Hospitality Group really hit the nail on the head with their high-end vegan concept. (Just don’t call it that.) 

Your best bet is to arrive hungry and share a bunch of plates with your dining companion. We started with watermelon poke — pressed cubes of the coral hued fruit sat atop smashed avocado flagged with nori chips and jicama and tossed in a citrus soya sauce.

The habibi salad looks to the Middle East for inspiration, with a tahini dressing tying together cauliflower cous cous, split pea fritters, currants and more on a bed of greens. In a clever twist, crab cakes are whipped up using hearts of palm, while the so-called sweet mess tops roasted sweet potato with corn nuts, black beans and cashew crema.

If you’ve room, the lettuce wraps pair ‘chicken-fried’ oyster mushrooms with rice noodles and a chili soya gluten-free dipping sauce. 

It wouldn’t be right to dine here without sipping on a cold-pressed concoction, be it with or sans booze. Using fresh juices from Village Juicery, the Planta Punch gets our vote, swirling together beets, pineapple, coconut water and lime with a touch of pink salt. You’ll leave feeling both satiated and pretty darn pleased with how you’ve treated your bod and the environment.    

Planta, 1221 Bay St., 647-348-7000

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