We are about to get our very own Nobu Toronto


Celeb chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa is opening Nobu Toronto


Ever heard of Nobu? The name Nobuyuki Matsuhisa ring a distant bell? Well, foodie Torontonians who have been flocking to the world’s most well-known Japanese restaurant — located in New York, L.A., Miami and beyond — are in luck. It’s just been announced that our fair city is about to get its very own Nobu Toronto.

But Nobu Toronto isn’t like any of the other projects. We’re set to get the very first Nobu branded high-rise residences — developed and sold by the Madison Group — in addition to Canada’s first Nobu Hotel plus Nobu Restaurant. Basically it’s a three-in-one Nobu-stravaganza. This takeover is all set to happen on Mercer Street in the Entertainment District, with pre-construction sales of the residences starting this summer.

Residence keeners can expect 700 condo suites taking over two 49-storey towers, with Toronto-based Teeple Architects and interior design firm Studio Munge responsible for the architecture and design work. Meanwhile, the hotel promises to be all luxury (the term ‘bespoke’ will lead your mind’s eye in the right direction) and will be anchored by Nobu the restaurant. This soon-to-be-hotspot will span 15,000 square feet over two-levels and will come complete with a signature bar lounge, a patio and a private dining room or two.

It’s safe to say that the arrival of Nobu marks a new chapter in Toronto’s dining scene.

Please visit NobuResidences.ca for more information on the upcoming project

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Karolyne Ellacott is senior editor at Post City Magazines. She can oft be spotted at Toronto’s most nostalgic diners wearing glittery heels and pink faux fur. Follow all of her eclectic writing interests on Twitter @kellacott and Instagram @itismekar.

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