10 hot restos we can’t stop talking about


Il Covo’s gussied-up fried bread

In Montreal, restaurateur and chef Antonio Park is quite the big name. So leave it up to him to collab with Drake, Toronto’s biggest name, for Pick 6ix, T.O.’s buzziest new resto. Although Drake isn’t a co-owner of the 33 Yonge St. space, he’s graced the splashy sports bar aplenty. (Did we mention there’s a private loo for celebs?) Park’s menu includes sushi, fancy hot dogs, Kobe steak.… The place to be seen.  

Talented chef Ryan Campbell gets schooled at Buca Yorkville. Leaves. Opens Il Covo, an ode to Italian tapas (cicchetti) at 585 College St. Imagine: linguine tossed with clams, calamari, scallops and mussels.  Or: fried bread with shrimp, scallop and smoked lemon mayo? Everyone swoons. The end. 

There has been plenty of gab about the now-open Vit Béo, sitting pretty at 858 Bloor St. W. Coming from the people behind Civil Liberties (a.k.a. the “pineapple bar”), look for tasty Vietnamese fare like ban xeo, a rice crepe with pork belly and prawn and pok pok chicken wings with caramel fish sauce.

We’re smitten. Fried chicken! Sushi! Tacos! BBQ! Drinks! Margaritas! Under one roof!

We adore their deep-fried aloo (a.k.a. potato) momos for a buck.

This Ital fave tucked away on Geary Ave. is a secret no more.

This Koreatown nook is always busy. Get pajeon and hot stone bibimbap.

If you’ve not been to this King East paean to Sicily and charmed by chef Roberto, for shame!

March break has us craving some heat. Chomp on St. Clair West’s authentic tacos for a quick escape.

For our last Post meal, give us a slice or two of that hot hot hot Rosedale pizza.

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