What actor Gabriella Albino ate the week before she hit the stage

What this actor and east ender ate the week before the curtain went up for Bunny at Tarragon Theatre


Gabriella Albino

This month we enlisted actor Gabriella Albino to detail what she ate the week leading up to the debut of Bunny at Tarragon Theatre. Albino can be seen as Lola in the play which runs until April 1. 

friday, feb. 16, start of tech week 
I was born with an impressively long list of food allergies — from nuts to seeds to eggs to shellfish. They’re real, they’re life-threatening, and most of the time they make me feel really uncool and embarrassed. I’ve heard, “So … you just live off air and water?!” many a time. While my diet is more limited than the average person, food is one of the dear, sweet, great loves of life. Dinner tonight is pizza at my beloved Queen Margherita Pizza. The Gio Oldschool is what my dreams are made of. Fior di latte, roasted cherry tomatoes, prosciutto di parma, arugula. So. Delish.

saturday, feb. 17, rehearsal day
I chug a mango/raspberry/banana/kale/coconut milk smoothie then pop into my local coffee shop, Rooster Coffee, for a coconut milk London Fog and hop on the streetcar. Linner (because there is no time for separate lunch and dinner today) is maple-garlic-marinated chicken and a big kale salad with cabbage and pomegranate, sunflower seeds and balsamic dressing. 

sunday, feb. 18, rehearsal day
I made oatmeal-banana-chocolate cookies to bring to the theatre today. These are such crowd-pleasers and the only way I make and keep friends. Post-rehearsal I pop into Wvrst for a celebratory drink. The cranberry cider they have on tap here is my favourite. 

monday, feb. 19, day off
The day off! I make a quick basil pesto pasta for lunch and then head out for my weekly grocery shop. I am a fiercely committed meal planner and cooker on my days off. It comes from my time in theatre school where we had 13-hour days and only one day off to play catch-up on life. 

tuesday, feb. 20, final rehearsal
For lunch I eat my go-to vegan sweet potato and kale chili recipe over brown rice with some coconut Greek yogurt on top. For dinner, it’s time to pump the brakes on all this homemade business. It’s tech week. I just got out of an 10-hour rehearsal, and I’m tired and hangry. I ordered thick, greasy pizza from Panago. It’s delicious and sure to give me bad dreams. 

wednesday, feb. 21, first performance
First performance of Bunny is under our belt! I end the night at another local favourite, Aft Kitchen and Bar. It’s intimate, relaxing and oh so cosy. I sip on a glass of Valpolicella while my boyfriend and I catch up on our days. Then we inevitably order a plate of frites ’cause it’s my favourite late-night snack. 

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