Nadège is a great way to bookend your visit."> Nadège is a great way to bookend your visit." />

Toronto’s Best Sandwiches: the smoked salmon and cream cheese croissant from Nadège Patisserie


Smoked salmon, cream cheese, croissant (Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

Now that spring has finally, yes, sprung, packs of hipsters are hitting the park scene hard. Trinity Bellwoods is particularly rife with them: nonchalant girls decked out in stripes sip Bellwoods Brewery brews while sunning themselves on the grass. Checking out the park-side happenings is de rigueur; once you’ve had your fix, Nadège is a great way to bookend your visit.

Glossy sandwiches beckon from behind the glass counter; our pick is the salmon and cream cheese number ($8). Slender slices of the smoked fish –– procured from Nova Scotia –– are tucked into a buttery croissant along with wafer-thin cukes and dill-studded cream cheese.

With a macaron or two stepping in for dessert, and a patio angled towards the park, the eatery provides the perfect perch from which to play the ultimate flaneur.

Nadège Patisserie, 780 Queen St. W., 416-368-2009

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