Toronto’s Best Sandwiches: the vegetarian-friendly burger from Bombay Chowpatty

The bombay burger (Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

Located amid Little India’s swarm of sari shops, Bombay Chowpatty is one part video-rental shop, one part eatery. Named after Mumbai’s most beloved beach, the restaurant dishes out street-style eats from India’s cultural capital. Bollywood flicks play in the background as patrons tuck into favourites like chana bhatura, bhel puri and paneer kathi rolls.

The Bombay burger ($4) is a take on vada pav, a traditional commuter snack in Mumbai. There, commuters — crammed into the ubiquitous trains that shuttle people around the city — yell orders at burger vendors through open windows or train doors, and a rapid burger-cash exchange ensues.

Here, things are a little more low-key. A white bun — twice the size of the original — holds a veg-friendly potato patty topped with a heap of chickpeas, onions and tomatoes. Depending on the chutneys used (hot pepper or tamarind) the burger can be sweet or spicy.  

Bombay Chowpatty, 1386 Gerrard St. E., 416-405-8080

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