First Draught: Lake of Bays continues the NHLAA series with Cujo


Image: David Ort

From "Ex says it all" to "I am Canadian," my early exposure to beer as a brand came through hockey advertising. These commercials didn't usually feature bikini-clad models (it was the winter, after all), but they also didn't focus on the flavour or quality of the beer.

To celebrate this relationship in a more refined, craft-focused way, Lake of Bays Brewing has partnered with the NHL Alumni Association to market a Signature Series of special release beers. Each features a hockey great on the outside of the bottle and a special beer inside. 

Continuing with the theme set by the first release, China Wall — the nickname of Leafs great goaltender Johnny Bower — the second in the series is called Cujo after Curtis Joseph. Cujo was the Leafs' backstop during their deep playoff runs in 1999 and 2002 and was a member of the gold medal-winning Team Canada hockey squad in Salt Lake City. 

Cujo pours an amber gold in a beer snifter with a generous, creamy cap. As the head slowly recedes, aromas of bread, grass, and sweet toffee come out. Toasted bread, ripe apricot, and a crisp lemony finish combine for an intriguing flavour profile. The 8% ABV is very well hidden in this interesting golden ale.

A portion of the relatively hefty $11.95 price tag goes to support the NHLAA's activities. Lake of Bays also offers a premium option: for $50, you'll get numbered versions of the four bottles in the series, along with printer's proofs for the designs.  

Lake of Bays Brewing's Cujo Imperial Golden Ale, $11.95 for a 750 ml bottle, LCBO #383653

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