Torontonians take a virtual sneak peek at the Broadview Hotel


Rendering of The Broadview Hotel’s Rooftop terrace area

Image: Norm Li

The countdown begins as The Broadview Hotel prepares to open its doors. 

Located in the heart of Riverside at the corner of Queen St. E. and Broadview Ave., this boutique hotel, restaurant, lobby café, and rooftop bar is set to open later this spring. The Broadview was born inside a century-old, Romanesque Revival-style building that the city has dubbed a heritage property.

A virtual tour, hosted on the hotel’s website, allows viewers to step inside the hotel and grab a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Rendering of The ​Broadview Hotel’s Lobby Café+ Bar (IMAGE: NORM LI)


“We’re proud of the thought that’s being put into the design of The Broadview Hotel. The details of each space are remarkable, and we were seeking a captivating way to introduce them to the public before they can experience it first-hand this spring,” says Les Mallins, president of Streetcar Developments and hotel proprietor.

“Through the power of virtual reality, we’re able to connect with our future guests and invite them to experience our vision for celebrating the neighborhood and the east end’s culture.”

Possibly the most dazzling and anticipated feature of the hotel lies on top of the building: A rooftop bar and terrace that will offer sweeping views of the Toronto skyline, Don Valley, and the local neighborhood. And in the case of less than stellar weather conditions, an indoor component of the rooftop has a 100-seat bar and is covered by glass walls and a pyramidal skylight. 

The Broadview Hotel, 106 Broadview Ave., 416-362-8439

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