Birch Bistro's French desserts will throw you for a (fruit) loop


Each handmade dessert at this midtown bistro is a one-of-a-kind creation

At the French restaurant Birch Bistro (623A Mount Pleasant Rd.), pâtissier Calvin Wat draws on his experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris to create hand-sculpted dessert masterpieces.

He’s been at the resto for less than a year, but he’s getting buzz for his creative dessert menu that includes a lemon filled with a lemon syrup reduction, lemon segments and confit lemon (lemon peel blanched five to six times and then cooked in a lemon syrup for five to six hours).

To craft his beautiful apples, he places the fruit in a sous-vide so that it retains its structure as it is saturated with the flavours of lime and dill.

And the indulgent hazelnut is comprised of salted caramel sauce, a hazelnut praline and almond chocolate sponge all enrobed in mousse and chocolate. 

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