Midtown gets an American-style grill and cocktail lounge

St. Clair's new go-to for cocktails and New York-style eats opens this summer


Culinary Director Tyler Shedden of the Chase Hospitality Group.

Arthur’s, a brand new American-inspired grill and cocktail lounge from Chase Hospitality Group, (the same people behind The Chase, Palm Lane, Colette Grand Cafe and Planta) is coming to St. Clair this summer.


Under the supervision of Culinary Director Tyler Shedden, who previously worked at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant The London in NYC, and Café Boulud at the Four Seasons, the restaurant features New York classics for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch—and follows the Chase Hospitality Group's mandate of providing a 25 per cent plant-based menu. The name "Arthur's" is a homage to the late father of group president Steven Salm and his favourite New York dining experiences.

The gh3-designed space in the Weston Centre (22 St. Clair Ave. E.) at the corner of Yonge and St. Clair boasts a 1600 sq ft rooftop terrace with beautiful city views. It is scheduled to open in late summer 2018.

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